Cool Text Manipulation Tool for Expanding Your Set of Keywords

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I have found great text manipulation tool as indispensable helper for work with keywords:

It can do many things, but I decided to use it for keyword research. How? Read on!

Well, it's down right now. Here is an alternative:

For successful writing for Web we need a set of great keywords

For successful writing for Web we need a set of great keywords

This post is written as a case study with real examples. I used only two free tools, among which one requires free registration, but apart from that there were no additional costs. Very similar, if not identical results, could be achieved with several other free of payed tools, so, if one of more used tools won't be available anymore (and I'll still be around), I'll provide more free alternatives, but to keep things simple, I'll stick to these ones for now.

My goal: to get as much possible traffic for relatively non-competitive keywords with low commercial value, where solid content and right strings of characters should be enough to get traffic without additional back-linking.

So when I was trying to figure out right strings of words for one of test sites I work for, I tried to generate list of keywords with a next seed:

"blank calendar march 2015"

1. Step: AdWords

This tool is part of Google's account, available to everybody.

I used filter: include with words "blank" and "march"

AdWords suggested additional keywords to use. This means 21 ideas with 1530 searches altogether. This is the list:

A list of  ideas suggested by AdWords

A list of ideas suggested by AdWords

Please note: numbers in red are numbers of monthly searches. While they are probably completely irrelevant for your case, they can be used as comparison to next set, which was built after the text manipulation tool did its job:

2. Step: TextMechanic

I decided to use a permutation tool, where words "blank", "calendar", "march" and "2015" were put each into separate field (and each followed by space!). The tool offered next set of strings:

Initial seed of four words produced 24 possible combinations!

Initial seed of four words produced 24 possible combinations!

Of course this is only a beginning, because I could use even more combinations (with additional word or two, combinations of three words instead of four, etc.), but even this is enough to present the power of this simple free tool.

So let's go to step 3:

3. Adwords

When I uploaded a whole list into AdWords, it suggested more ideas and I ended with different list of suggestions including 'blank march 2015 calendar' which apparently have more searches than anything mentioned at first set of ideas.

This attempt gave me 25 ideas with at least 10 searches and 2640 searches altogether.

Volume of keywords is al most doubled, thanks to permutation tool

Volume of keywords is al most doubled, thanks to permutation tool

Because some of the keywords from first suggestion were missing in second, I uploaded both to Text Mechanic again, removed duplicates and uploaded the result (26 keywords) into AdWords one more, this time for good. Apart from overall result, I got another new keyword, what means I produced 27 keywords with estimated 2700 monthly keyword searches. Not bad for additional minute of work, right? Remember - AdWords suggested only a volume of 1530 searches at first!

So you wanna see the page with final result?

Here it is:

Pretty cool, huh?

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