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Cool Google search tips and tricks


Google is extremely capable search engine, but studies showed more than 70 of users don't use even the most basic functions. They just type some words in the search box and expect miracles.

short list of google tips

short list of google tips

Le's start with few basic search tips:

Use double quotation marks to find results which contain exact phrase:

"little black dress"

Use minus to exclude unrelated results:

info about panda -google

Use asterisk when in doubt:

roses are red, * are blue

Don't use tilde to include synonyms, because this operator is retired:


(before it included kitten, feline etc. as well, but don't worry, you can still use OR: cat OR feline OR kitten)

Don't use + operator anymore, because this operator is now used only in combination with G+:

cake +apples

(before it showed all results where apples were present somewhere in the text, but don't worry, you can still use double quotation marks or intext:apples)

Use double points to define range:

handball world champion 1980..2000

Ever bumped into the cool site with lots of interesting site, but without search box? Or maybe there is one, but it is reserved for registered users, maybe even for users with paid subscription?

Well, google can't unlock sites, if certain content is scrambled, but it can help you to search inside many pages of the same web address. Just use: keyword

You can also demand only results where specific keyword is in the title of the article:


(for more keywords: allintitle:potato mash)

We could go on and on, but you can always check the support or play with numerous filters to refine your search on news, videos, images and play again with setting date range on news, quality on videos, dominant colors on images, ...

Searching is not everything google is capable of.


cool google tricks

cool google tricks

It can calculate:

7 / 4 =

or you can just simply call:


(this doesn't work in my Firefox, but works in Chrome)

It can even draw graphs:


Of course it can also convert:

how many miles is 100 km?

Please note: Firefox will give you just the answer, but Chrome will open an interactive converter, where you can mess around with numbers and measures in all possible ways.

Google can convert currencies:

1 euro is dollars

Google can be used as alarm clock as well, just type:

set timer for 6 hours 4 minutes 3 seconds

and wait!

(This doesn't work in my Firefox, but it works in Chrome. Of course you have to set your sound on ON to hear the beeps when the time runs out.)

One of cool things Google offers on regular basis, are so called doodles, colorful icons which remind us of more or less important anniversaries, holidays or historical events. One of the most spectacular doodles is this interactive reminder of the birth of guitar innovator Les Paul:

which can be great tool for learning a guitar as well. Here is explained how it works:

or enjoy in this video, a tribute to Freddy Mercury:

or play a classic game:

List of all doodles is accessible through:

where you enter the actual address instead of name.ext and whatever you search for instead of my keyword. Please note, there is no spacing between colon and name of the site, and use quotations to get exact string of your keywords.

if you want to make something useless, but cool, just type:

do a barrel roll

in search box. Or you can try:

zerg rush

Or just tilt your screen with:


You can do many things in Google, but please, don't try to find Chuck Norris. He'll find you:)

Stay cool!

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